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About Amanda

Amanda Chambers is an award-winning author, editor, college professor turned stay-at-home mom, Black Girl Magic hype woman, and kickass entrepreneur. 


Finding her love for reading and writing at an early age, Amanda often used books as an escape from a tumultuous childhood. Her passion for literature developed with the turn of every page she read and behind every moment she found when reading.

Due to Amanda being diagnosed with a learning disability as a teen, it was predicted by doctors and educators alike that she would be unlikely to find success in academia and would most likely be left behind. However, Amanda’s mother dismissed the opinions of medical professionals, and an IQ test was conducted that proved Amanda to be well above her peers. Not only did the author graduate from high school on time, but went on to receive three English degrees, join multiple honors societies, and became the youngest professor in her post-secondary department at the age of 28.  Amanda realized at this time that teaching English wasn’t just her job, it was a part of who she had worked diligently to become: a successful leader.

Amanda may have ended her career as an in-classroom professor and an assistant director of a university’s writing center, but she never stopped being an educator. Expanding her family granted her an opportunity to continue her career as an online professor, opening the door for her new role as a proud homeschooler for her daughter, Brooke.  

Amanda's accomplishments over the course of her career have been recognized on various platforms. She’s won multiple awards including Instructor of the Quarter and Distinguished Educator of the Year. In addition to those, Amanda has also received the:

  • Gus Witherspoon Award in Cultural Arts – 2022 – From the Raleigh/Greater Wake County Nation Pan Hellenic Council

  • Top 22 Under 40 – 2021 – From Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

  • Entrepreneur of the Year – 2019 – From Iota Sweethearts, Inc.


Amanda’s ambition drove her to new heights of success in education, but she still needed to pursue her other lifelong dream: writing a book. This would be the start of her authorpreneurial journey. In January 2016, she resumed working on the book she began writing in 2008 and ultimately self-published on her 35th birthday ( August 27th)  of that same year.


Despite having simultaneously served as a professor while also gaining experience in the publishing atmosphere via various traditional publishing companies, Amanda took the road less traveled and self-published her first novel under the pseudonym Serendipity, which happens to be her favorite word. Ember’s Flame, a spicy romance tale, is one of her most renowned projects. It hit number one on Amazon’s best-selling chart the day it was released and further reassured her that the endless hours of self-publishing, research, and dedication weren’t in vain.

Amanda’s continued success resulted in the creation of Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC, an umbrella self-publishing company where aspiring authors receive guidance for self-publishing strategies that best suit their needs.

In 2019 Amanda expanded her catalog to include the genre of children’s literature when she released What Jobs Can Girls Do?, which she co-wrote with her daughter. As Amanda read books with her daughter, she became the source for Brooke’s own love of writing.  


Amanda has gained notoriety on her author journey, being featured in: 


Amanda has been an inspiration to many and has also been invited to share her stories of success and encouragement to other aspiring authors at several events, including: 

  • Women, Wine, and Writing Conference, Charlotte, NC – 2022

  • Women’s EmpoWOMENt Presented by Eta Nu Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Online - 2022 

  • BlackCEO Iconic Conference, Online – 2021

  • Women’s EmpoWOMENt Presented by Eta Nu Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Online - 2021 

  • Book Summit Presented by Legacy Book Bar, Online – 2021


Amanda Chambers continues to wow her community with her artistic talent of writing and publishing and is still driving others to recognize and pursue their own dreams and passions. She believes one of her many purposes is to remind Black women that they are worthy, unique, and deserving of everything positive. Amanda accomplishes this through a series of affirmation journals called Aht Aht, Sis! Let Go of Less and has established a podcast component, The Let Go of Less Podcast (available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts).


As much as she has shown up for and encouraged her readers and mentees, Amanda continuously aims to be that light of motivation for her daughter. After publishing her first book at age 6, Brooke also has followed in her mother’s footsteps, creating her book of affirmations for young Black girls titled, Hey Lil Sis! You're Magical! which was released on her 10th birthday in July 2023. Amanda has many talents and has accomplished much more than many believed she could, but no title is more important to her than the title of “mom.” And like any other aspiring author, her daughter, Brooke, will be guided and encouraged to be the next best writer from the heart.

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