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Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC helps authors successfully self-publish their books by providing writing coaching, professional editing, self-publishing coaching, branding and social media coaching, graphic design, website design, illustration design services, and audio services. Our mission is to help authors share their stories with the world while they retain creative control of their work and their profits.


Serendipity is Amanda’s literary alter ego.  In 2016 Amanda’s debut novel, Ember's Flame, quickly shot to the number one spot on the Amazon African American Erotica list. Her subsequent novels, Rocking Cheyenne and Love by Chance, both became top 5 new releases. 


With the slogan “Real love stories have Sex” guiding her, Amanda creates relatable characters and puts them in real life situations. When asked why she chose to write erotica, she said: “In the past, erotica has been thrown a bit of shade; folks act like you can’t talk about sex. Why not? It’s part of love. There’s so much negativity in the world. But sex, well sex is fun and love makes it even more fun. My characters are regular people having extraordinary fun and falling in love. And we all like to have fun, right?”    

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Amanda, or Mandee as her friends and family call her, was heavily influenced by the women who raised her. Her maternal great grandmothers lived long lives. She had one of her great grandmothers until she was 15, another great grandmother until she was 21, her grandmother until she was 30, and her mother continues to influence her in many ways. 


As a result of her generational influences, Amanda has many ways that would strike most as being old fashioned, even earning her the nickname “Grandma” from her husband.  However, there are modern twists to her old-fashioned ways. Her blog, RetroModern Mandee,  chronicles her retromodern life, including living organically, homeschooling using technology, and saving money the old fashioned way.

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